Summary and objectives of the game between Uruguay and Japan


The Japanese team, which is part of a youth team in preparation for the Tokyo Olympics, surprised the Uruguayan, who was looking for a comfortable victory and a victory in the quarter-finals, after adding three points in his first game (defeating Ecuador by 4-1) and twice before tying twice.

The Samurai showed a different image of the first round against the current Chilean champion, who lost four points in a row.

From the first minute to the final whistle, the excitement did not stop, as there were many chances on both sides and mutual shots (29 for Uruguay and 12 for Japan). Both teams performed well in a game that is arguably the most beautiful since the tournament began.

Koji Miyoshi opened the scoring for Japan in the 25th minute of the first half and Luis Suárez equalized for Uruguay in the 32nd minute of the second half, and in the second half Miyoshi put Japan in the lead at 59 & José Jimenez tied at 66 & # 39 ;.

The Uruguayans had four points in Group C against Chile (3 points), while the Samurai came in third with a point against Ecuador without points.

Ecuador and Chile will play tomorrow, and in the final victory will be ahead of Uruguay in the quarter-finals and in the third round, Chile will face Uruguay and Japan with Ecuador, and Japan will need to win to qualify.

Combine events with each moment

The game ended with a 2-2 draw.

D-94: The Japanese team survives a goal after a strong kick from Suarez Janabat!

D 80 – Suarez's ball ends at the bar! Uruguay misses the progress goal !!

It is very difficult to know who will win this exciting match, in which the Japanese team surprised the guest with his Uruguayan performance and offensive offense.

Uruguay coach replaces Nicolas Lodeiro by Federico Valverde

D 67 – Japan's first move to Iasi Yoyeda Hiroaki Abe.

D- Defender José Jiménez is the tie for Uruguay of a beautiful header, taking advantage of a corner played by Nicolas Lodeiro! Despite the high performance of the Japanese, the Uruguayans continue to launch attacks and kicks that overcame 20 shots on goal at 66 & # 39 ;.

D) Coach Oscar Tabarez makes a second substitution and takes Giurgian from Arasaita to Nahitain Nandez.

A very high performance of the young Japanese team in front of a rival with international veterans and stars participated in the World Cup.

J-Japan advances 2-1! Koji Miyoshi takes a Moslera rebound after a cross from the net.

A sudden attack by the Uruguayan and Japanese goalkeeper, Kawashima, rescues and saves the Cavani ball!

The beginning of the second semester

45 + 4 – The referee launches the whistle from the end of the first half, which was fun and exciting and ended with a draw on each net.

D-36 Cavani's strong kick from far leap from the bar !! "La Celeste" came to the surface.

32 – Suarez is equal to Uruguay by a controversial penalty. The referee, Colombian Andres Rojas, counts the kick after returning to the "Far" after an error committed against Cavani.

D-28 Laksalat is injured and Uruguay coach Oscar Tabarez is replaced by Giovanni González.

D-25 The Samurai team opened the scoring for Koji Miyoshi, who set off on the right side of the area and dived into the area, dribbling defender Diego Laxalt before kicking the ball to goalkeeper Fernando Muslera !!

D 13 – A lovely cross from Edenson Cavani to Surayz inside the penalty area and the last header into the hands of Japanese goalkeeper Eiji Kawashima!

The start of a very exciting match between the Uruguayans, who rely on their players' experience against a young and ambitious Japanese team, is trying to compensate for their failure in their first game, which fell four times to Chile.

D – 3 – The Japanese team responded quickly by a serious attempt after a beautiful game inside the big area almost to bear fruit!

D-1 Luis Suarez fires the game from the first minute of an astute ball from far and landed on the roof of the goal!

The game begins at the "Arena de Grimio" in Porto Alegre

The two main formations of the two teams


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