Suarez "flirting" with Liverpool fans.


MADRID (Reuters) – Barcelona striker Luis Suarez, 32, sent a message to fans of his former club Liverpool ahead of the Champions League semi-final on Tuesday.

At its expense on the social network site "Instagram", Suarez published an aerial photo of Anfield, Liverpool, commenting: "Enfleed, I am gagged to see you again."

The Uruguayans scored their first goal against Liverpool last week during the semi-final of the Champions League at Camp Nou in Barcelona, ​​finishing 3-0 at Barcelona.
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That means the Reds have to win a big win over Barcelona, ​​at least four goals, so that they can reach the Champions League final in Madrid.
The Uruguayan striker spent three seasons with Liverpool in 2011-2014, scoring 68 goals and winning the Golden Boot with Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo.

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