Study reveals genetic mutations of UAE genetic disorders


The Ministry of Health and Community Protection unveiled a pilot medical study with 1000 patients to understand the dominant spectral disturbances in the UAE community using the genome and the application of custom medications to patients to provide accurate diagnosis and treatment for patients.

The medical study, initiated by the ministry in 2017, was successful during national cadres in discovering new genetic mutations that had not been achieved by previous scientific research. Dr. Yousif Mohammed Al-Sarkal, Assistant Assistant Secretary for the Hospital Sector, confirmed that Innovative medical study is part of the Health Sector genome project to enter a new era of genetic medicine based on the use of genetic information.

"We are looking at how artificial intelligence can be introduced and linked to genetic testing based on national competencies and in collaboration with the best medical research centers as this will have a significant impact on the country's future health policies and will strengthen its position as a global center of innovation in the health sector, "said Serkal.



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