Study finds new benefits of fish oil and vitamin D




Two minutes on November 19, 2018
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November 18, 2018 / 22:27

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Eating omega-3 rich in oil may drastically reduce the risk of heart attacks and vitamin D benefits appear to reduce the risk of death from cancer, according to a US study on the benefits of vitamin D and fish oil .

But vitamin D and fish oil did not reduce the risk of an attack or cancer in themselves.

The study found that the rate of heart attack in those who consumed fish oil was 28 percent lower than those taking fake medicines and risked a 77 percent reduction among African Americans. But the senior investigator of the study told Reuters Health that this large percentage needed confirmation.

The head of Preventive Medicine at Brigham & Wemen Hospital in Boston, Dr. Joan Manson, said the cancer death rate among those taking vitamin D was 25% lower. "This may be due to the fact that this vitamin can affect the structure which reduces the risk of spreading to other areas of the body."

"So we can see a reduction in cancer mortality but not a reduction in the initial diagnosis. It takes a longer study … If we talk about cancer prevention, it can take treatment for more than a decade," she said in telephone interview

The new study was published online in the New England Journal of Medicine. Most of the previous research has focused on volunteers who are already at high risk for a heart attack, stroke or cancer.

The study included 25,771 participants aged 50 years and no one had a heart attack, stroke or cancer before. More than half of them followed the study for more than five years.

Manson said the new findings will make "those who are taking vitamin D or fish oil already feel like there is nothing to stop them." But some may want to wait until more results are published about the relationship of these supplements with diabetes, cognitive function, depression and autoimmune diseases over the next six months to decide if the benefits deserve to be addressed, she said.


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