Spokesman for the Secretary of the League of Arab States comments on the opening of a commercial office for Brazil in Jerusalem


Ambassador Mahmoud Afifi, spokesman for the Secretary General of the League of Arab States, confirmed that the opening of a commercial office in Jerusalem during the visit of the Brazilian president to Israel represented a reaction to the Brazilian position.

"This action gives a negative message to the Arab world," Afifi said in a press release. "The opening of representative offices in occupied Jerusalem does not serve peace efforts. This stage is a clear violation of the principles of international law, Jerusalem is an occupied territory and prohibits the transfer of embassies or representative or commercial offices to them before resolve their status through negotiations between the Palestinian and Israeli sides.

"This action by Brazil represents a step in the wrong direction and will not necessarily lead to the development of Arab-Brazilian relations," said Ahmed Aboul Gheit, secretary general of the Arab League.

Afifi added that:

Since President Polsonaro took office, Brazilian positions have been monitored and studied by the Arab League, and recent intentions, as well as statements made during President Paulsonaro's visit to Israel, point to a number of gradual declines in – It is based on respect for the principles of international law and the promotion of the legitimate rights of the Palestinians, which is a solid basis for strong relations between the Arab world and Brazil.

The spokesman expressed the hope that the Brazilian government wisely manage its steps in the next stage and carefully study the consequences of these steps in its relations with the Arab world, peoples and governments.


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