Special – Artists interact with Hashtag producer Marwan Haddad # Badna_Government


After the economic situation in the country reached the verge of collapse, and the political situation was aggravated by the failure to form a government after more than six months in the election of a new parliament to deal with the worsening of all levels in Lebanon of politics to the economy and to the serious social situation, the producer Marwan Haddad A loud clamor demanding the pressure on the officials to form a government as soon as possible because the danger for all.

The owner of the Marwa Group has launched a government and urged all Lebanese to take part in it to be a means of pressure on the staff, especially after the sites have become a platform for communication messages and a means of great pressure.

"We need the Hachtag government to adopt and activate the Lebanese because time is on everyone's side and nobody will be excluded," Haddad wrote. "To succeed, we must continue, and to continue, we must resist and resist, we must understand and understand, we must be optimistic.

Several Internet pioneers and representatives of the Marwa Group began interacting with Al-Hashtag in the hope that participation would be extended to as many Lebanese artists as possible so that the message would reach all the officials to form a government that would deal with the difficult situation of the the Lebanese people.

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