Sovereignty Scientists are trying to discover the secret of the great red dot in the atmosphere


The Great Red Spot is one of the most well-known features of the atmosphere of Jupiter and the entire solar system, a storm greater than Earth. The cyclic-resistant countercyclical storm at speeds of up to 500 km / h is a prominent feature observed since 1830 and has been the source of intriguing scientists and an important subject for scientific studies. In addition, much information about the Great Red Spot is unknown, including when and how it was formed, which gave it a red-pointing color, and why it lasted longer than the other storms observed in the giant atmosphere. However, gaseous astronomers believe that their location at latitude, which is always observed 22 degrees south of the Jupiter equator, is associated with the prominent spheres of the cloud in Jupiter's atmosphere. The Earth has masses of earth that cause the loss of large energy storms due to friction with a solid surface Unlike Jupiter, without this feature, the storms are longer, but the great red spot, even by Jupiter, is not yet fully understood. But scientists know that Jupiter's storms, which are located in trailing bands with the same sense of rotation, tend to be enduring. These rotating colored clouds are dark bands and light areas that rotate in opposite directions, parallel to the buyer's equator . Scientists suggest that differences in the chemical composition, temperature and atmospheric transparency of light are factors that contribute to the donation of belts and areas of color. An analysis of recent historical data on the Great Red Spot shows that they shrink and become more rotated and long After 300 years of conflict. Scientists are still not aware of what is driving the big red dot toward these changes and what will result in the future of this great storm in the supernova. So NASA's Jono spacecraft, currently in orbit of Jupiter, cloud and a great red dot where the new data should provide insight into the buyer's atmosphere. You may also be interested in: Africa hugs the remains of the first "moving creature" in the land China grow rape, cotton and potatoes on the moon and sends fruit flies eggs Thank you sovereignty visitors Egypt News to browse our website In case you have any questions about this news Scientists are trying to find out the secret of the red dot Great atmosphere please let us know or leave a comment below
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