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Send an updated version of Google Earth Mobile Time Labs

Posted 1 minutes ago – 1:00 AM, April 30, 2019 AD

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A new version of the Google Earth Time application on mobile devices and a smartphone or Tablet PC revealed the changes in the world's image from 1984 to 2018. The new version also includes a visual update that makes The process of navigation and visualization of Earth images is easier, according to Chris Hierweg, geo data engineer for Google Earth.
If the user enters the coordinates or the address of his house, Time Lab will show the changes that have occurred in this place in the last three decades.
If you think more broadly, you can explore the places you want or name, "Google Earth" and watch the forest fires in southern Australia, the ice melting in the Alaskan state, deforestation and huge construction projects that are being made.
Google launched Google Earth Time Labs in 2016 after Google updated Google Earth and Google Maps. The program offers real-world photos with the least distortion on the planet.

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