“Samsung” plans to launch its new Galaxy W21 5G phone on this date


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Korean phone company Samsung revealed the release date of its latest foldable smartphone calledGalaxy W21 5GIt’s a flagship phone with a familiar look.

The new phone is scheduled to arrive in China next Wednesday, November 4, but initial reports and lists reveal that it will be identical to a phoneGalaxy Z Fold2 5G.

Samsung launched a phoneGalaxy Z Fold2In the Chinese market last September, and today the company is preparing to launch a phoneGalaxy W21 5GExclusively in the companyTelecomIn China.

It will probably be the only big difference betweenW21 5GANDGalaxy Z Fold2 5GThe color of the hinge and the back panel are brighter, so the back of the phone“W21 5G“In the database of the China Communications Authority known asTENAAIn gold, the main design change is also underlinedGalaxy W21 5GIn the sloganChina TelecomThis clearly shows.

A phone is being soldGalaxy Z Fold 2 (5G)In China, at a price of more than $ 2,500, there is a possibility that the high-end version of this device will cost $ 2,988, and we will have to wait until the end of this week to know all the details.


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