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Samsung announces its series of vertical TVs

Dubai – By Mohamed Faris © Tech World

Companies occasionally advertise products with strange and unconventional ideas, and perhaps technology companies have the largest share. Of course, Samsung is one of those companies with lots of exotic ideas where they announced a new television series, but unlike the conventional system comes upright.

Samsung has launched the name of The Sero in a series of unconventional televisions, measuring a screen of about 43 inches and says that the company is geared towards the generation of the new millennium and therefore gives them the choice between acquiring screens vertical or horizontal horizontal management. This will encourage them to view the content of the phone on the screen, especially the content of vertical video applications such as Snape Chat, which also encourages creativity in producing horizontal content due to the large screen being displayed.

The screen can also be used to convert a "Frame" style panel when not in use or converted for audio playback or even to manage the environment around smart devices through the Skype audio plug-in.

The new TVs will be available for purchase in Korea initially in May and will cost $ 1,600.

Samsung announces the series of Te Sero vertical TVs and guidance for the millennium generation first appeared in the world of technology.


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