President Abbas urges Arab countries to reject century agreement


A member of the Executive Committee of the Organization for the Liberation of Palestine (PLO), Deputy Secretary-General of the Palestinian Democratic Union (SALW), Saleh Raafat, said President Mahmoud Abbas will call on Arab foreign ministers to implement the decisions of the recent Summit Arab and reject the Trump plan or the so-called "Agreement of the Century". The Palestinian cause.

Raafat said in a statement to Wafra Wafa that the president will ask the Arab countries to implement what was adopted at the Arab Summit, the most recent being the Tunis summit on creating a financial safety net under these difficult circumstances and sanctions imposed by the government to the Palestinian people. By Israel on the proceeds of the Palestinian fiscal funds.

He emphasized that the Palestinian people will not be subjected to any American or Israeli threat, saying: "Our people will remain firm in their soil and their resistance to all Israeli and American projects aimed at perpetuating the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian Arab territories and the expansion of the colonies of settlements and annexation to the occupying State ".

Raafat explained that the leaks issued by the American administration on the so-called "Deal of the Century" are only a preparation for the public opinion of those ideas that have become known and manipulated by the promoters of denial and emphasis in its clauses, in order to deceive the opinion Arab and Palestinian public, calling on all Arab parties to pressure their countries Refuse to deal with the American plan and respect the resolutions of the Arab summits.


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