Saturday , October 23 2021

Preparations were completed for the reconciliation of Geagea Franjieh


Yusuf Diab wrote in the Middle East newspaper:

The political and logistical preparations for the meeting, which will bring together the leader of the Lebanese Forces Party, Samir Geagea, the head of the Marada Movement, the former Minister Sleiman Franjieh, and the end of the historic conflict between them, will be concluded. The meeting between Frangieh and the families of the victims of the Ehden massacre in 1978 was the most significant sign that the two parties would go to historical reconciliation.

The positive atmosphere that precedes the meeting of the two Maronite leaders is not limited to the leadership of parties and parties, but also to their audience, which is closely monitoring the outcome of the reconciliation that will govern their relationship in the future. Al-Marda movement leader, former MP Karim al-Rassi, told Asharq Al-Awsat that "the ground is ready for the meeting, which will bring together Minister Frangieh and Dr. Geagea." He pointed out that "the next meeting is not the first among them." Bishara al-Ra'i, followed by constant contact between cadres (forces) and (al-Marda) on several occasions'.

The "Ehden massacre" (northern Lebanon) occurred on June 13, 1978, as a result of the attack by a Lebanese Forces combat unit at the time against the Franjieh family, which killed 31 people from Zgharta and Marada supporters. The son of the late President Sleiman Franjieh, his political heir and father of the current leader of the Marada movement, Suleiman Franjieh, and his wife and son are due to deep disagreements between the Lebanese Falange Party led by Pierre Gemayel and the party forces led for his son. And the flow "Marada" led by President Sleiman Franjieh and his son Tony Mn Other

Al-Rassi noted that "satisfaction now prevails on the ground of both parties on the ground, and there is no trace of the legacy of inherited conflicts," stressing that "Franjieh's meeting with the families of the victims was a clarification of the stages experienced by the relationship forces) and (Marda) and explained the importance of reconciliation Christianity and nationalism in the convergence of the two parties ». He said: "The process of persuading all people to reconcile was not easy, and there was a reserve and anger of some." He pointed out that "the target of the Ehden massacre was Tony Franjieh and his family who passed with others and therefore Suleiman Franjieh is the greatest sacrifice for this reconciliation. And it is required of Dr. Geagea's initiative to rehabilitate the families of the victims."

The convergence of the two teams, after intensifying their rivalries with the Free Patriotic Movement led by Gebran Bassil, described by President Michel Aoun as "the leader of the presidential race", but Al-Marda leader Karim al-Rassi pointed out that " understand is not their goal in the next presidential battle, which aims to remove the black history deposits between the two teams, and ensure that your audience does not go back ", noting that Franjieh« was the first to address Geagea when he contacted the last time who came out of prison (in 2005), and Geagea's reaction was negative. "Adding this" if reconciliation is helpful in the presidential battle, this is also positive, "stressing that" understanding with Franjieh will be stronger and truer, and they do not need paper secrecy, as it did in (understanding Meerab). "

Al-Marda, Geagea, is responsible for the Ehden massacre and confirms that he was the commander of the Lebanese Forces military force, which was the military faction of the Falange Party, which carried out the attack on Ehden. Geagea has denied this on several occasions. , And noted that he was seriously injured on the outskirts of the city of Ehden, was transferred to hospital, was not responsible for the results that resulted in this attack.

The Lebanese Forces refuse the accusations that have been marketed in this case, but are careful not to exploit them so as not to disturb the coming reconciliation. A source in the "forces" for the "Middle East", that "the goal that works for all is to turn a painful page from which Christians have lost", stressing that "contacts in recent weeks and days have thrown many ambiguities, culminating in the meeting Dr. Geagea and Suleiman Franjieh soon ", saying that" Franjieh frankly for the families of the fallen victims (the Ehden massacre) expresses the courage of man, and his wisdom in working to overcome the painful stage must remain of the past " .

Former MP Salim Karam told Asharq Al-Awsat that "rapprochement between (forces) and (al-Marada) is occurring at a steady, albeit slow or partial pace." Karam, who was a member of the Al-Marda bloc, stressed that "this reconciliation is imposed by the interests of both parties, and establishes a presidential alliance and achieves the desired goal of the candidates of Franjieh and Jaeger." "There is an understanding between (forces) and (al-Marda) that leads to the election of one of them as president and therefore we are facing the signals of a presidential battle with distinction," he said. .

Former MP Salim Karam noted that "Frangieh's meetings with the heirs of the victims who fell in the Ehden massacre are intended to persuade them of the step that will be presented to them, which is close to the page of the conflict with the Lebanese Forces for more than four decades. " Revealing that "some relatives of the victims refuse to reconcile". He said that "this was manifested by the withdrawal of about 40% of the faithful to the Franks of the recent elections, because of the meetings that took place between the leaders of the two parties", recognizing that "Christians have a historical disease is the presidency of the Republic , which devastated the country. "

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