Photos: Pakistani reaches the fame of "Game of thrones"


People in the Pakistani city of Rawalpindi were surprised to see one of the characters on the television show "Game of Thrones" offering food at a local restaurant.

The waiter, Rawdi Khan, has seen a lot of social networking in his country. "Game of Thrones" is very popular because of the similarity between him and the American actor Peter Dinkelig, who plays the character of "Terrence Lanster". HPO TV.

Khan, 26, knew nothing about Dinkelig a few months ago, but his life changed when Khan's son noticed the similarity between him and Dinkleij and put his picture on Facebook.

"At first they started calling Peter Dinkelig," Khan told Reuters. Then I saw his works and gradually became famous. "

The features are not just facial features, but both are also 135 cm in length.

"I wanted to work in the movies. My other wish is to meet Peter Dinkelig."

And it ends the eighth and final season of the "Arush conflict" series, which is popular on May 19.


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