Thursday , April 9 2020
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Neymar makes his decision … and a European alert

Brazilian star Neymar da Silva has made the final decision about his future with Paris St Germain, according to the Fox Sports website.

"Neymar's future will probably not be in the Paris team," the source said, adding that the 27-year-old could not get what he hoped for in France (the European title), which would make his departure at Mercato next summer.

The talented player, who has left Barcelona for two seasons, wants to leave the Garden of Princes and move on to a new team capable of winning titles at the continental level.

The name of the Brazilian star in the Spanish league, specifically the Real Madrid team where he said: "Fox Sports" The Royal Club is the most prominent candidate to take advantage of their services.

Real had already tried to join Neymar last season but the French club refused to dismiss the player.

"But the player may end up in another team as several European clubs are on alert to compete to convince him to join them," the source said.

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