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Dr. Mohamed Emad Eddin, consultant in plastic surgery and coordination of strength and obesity, said that fat injection is a very simple process, performed in the clinic by a local plant and takes from one hour to one and a half hours, and removing fat from an area full of fat to another poor area. For example, and then re-injected into the specified area, and the process is done through three stages, the first stage of fat extraction, and then purify the blood of the impurities and then re-injected into the required area.

Dr. Mohammed Emad said in a statement that the fat-receiving area is gradually injected until it reaches the desired shape and then the area is treated with a very light massage. After the injection, there is very small swelling in the right place, and these rotations disappear after 4 days to a week. Maximum.

Imad al-Din added that breast fat after liposuction and redistribution of fat, a very safe method of breast augmentation, but can not be used for women suffering from atrophy in breast tissue, and also to expand certain limits where the amount of self-injected fat after 30% of liposuction during the first month, remaining the remainder of the amount for life, and injections of small holes not exceeding 1 millimeter.

He pointed out that one of the most important characteristics of the fat injection process is the redistribution of body fat from an aesthetic perspective where the extraction and extraction of fat from areas of the body suffering local obesity and accumulation of fat and reinjected in other areas suffer from thinness and atrophy and increase the size of the areas that are transferred and injected Gorda into them.

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