New leaks reveal Nintendo's design


There are many rumors and leaks about Nintendo's plans to launch a new version of the Switch console, and today it has detected the first video leakage of the Mini Switch.

While rumors circulate that Nintendo plans to launch a new version of the Switch game console with more powerful features and better performance, today's leaks have come to show the design of smaller Switch and Mini Switch games.

While the release of Mini Switch leaks has begun, Nintendo has not officially confirmed its plans to launch a new version, particularly with the company's profits with the current version of Switch.

The new leaks came from an accessory manufacturer, revealing a portfolio designed for the next Switch Mini console, and the accessory manufacturer dedicated a full page to the Nintendo Switch Mini accessories.

Nintendo is on track to replace the new 2DS console with its new Mini Mini on the market, with a fixed design that does not have Joy-cons removable drives, so we look for more details on Nintendo's upcoming plans for console versions .


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