New application for Galaxy S10 mobile … Learn!


This year, the design of the front camera hole in smartphones is very exciting, and the closest example is the design of the front camera or dual camera in the Galaxy S10, so it is inevitable that someone will find a way to control how the screen behaves around these holes. We actually found this with the new Energy Ring application.

As for the application's definition, it is first included in personalization applications by placing a colorful and animated ring fully customizable around the front camera lens of the Galaxy S10 family. This ring is used to determine the rate of the battery in the phone.

The key question remains: Does the Energy Ring application affect the battery?

Here the application team explained that it does not affect the battery because it is 0% as a load on the processor, activated only to reflect any change in the battery level, so the loop will not be turned on while the screen is closed and, of course, the application can be changed Control as needed.


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