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Nadine Nassib Najim did not leave the Syrian star of evil!

Nadine Naseeb Najim is one of the most prominent Lebanese and Arab stars. She has proven herself through her remarkable performance. The most important debut in the series "Love of Women" has made her a first class star. She is a star of stardom because she does not wage secret wars against her colleagues and lives in her world. And they always strive for self-development, and the most handsome ones who accept the criticism of breast arrogance and do not leave the public campaign against others.

Nadine is the only Lebanese star who did not leave a Syrian star "of her evil".

When she's on the stage, she's always ahead of her rival with her rudeness, talent, talent, and culture. And the most enviable star in the artistic medium, because represented with the most beautiful young stars of Syria.

Nadine co-starred with Tim Hussein in three episodes (Chillo, Nis Yom and Hiba in the first part). He also appeared alongside Abed Fahad in the series "Lo" and "Tariq", and this year she participates in the series "Five and Nis "with Qusay Kholi and Mutasem Al Nahar.

Nadine Najim Although all the campaigns are launched against her, she does not give it importance and ignores it completely, and all her worries are to provide her level required every year in "Five and a Text" and prove once again that she is one of the most successful women in Lebanon.

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