Morocco today / viral hepatitis "C" .. Dakhali has committed to providing the most effective medicines


The Ministry of Health has confirmed its commitment to ensure the availability of the most safe, effective and affordable therapeutic drugs in the context of the vision to eliminate viral hepatitis, The ministry said in a statement after the publication of an article in one of the national media on the "favoritism" or "prejudice" of some pharmaceutical companies marketing the hepatitis C virus. New pharmaceutical molecules are antiviral for the treatment of hepatitis (S) virus disease in Morocco, including Sophospefer since 2015, and Ducatelaservir since 2016 , translate the unequivocal commitment of the Ministry of Health to ensure the availability of the safest, most effective and affordable vision drugs to eliminate hepatitis C 2030. "The description of dual treatment with Sophospeffer and Daklatasvir occurs in all types of virus of hepatitis C, where the price of three months of treatment (public price ico of sale) is about 13,500 dirhams or 13,647 dirhams, according to pharmaceutical companies marketed for medicines. div Click here to read the news from your source.

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