Monday , October 25 2021

Miss Philippines 2019 is proud of its Arab origins


Gasini Christiana Ganados, Miss Philippines of 2019, was elected to win the title after her rival by 40 participants.

A 23-year-old model, she was born in the town of Dabitan and is of Palestinian origin for her father. She is proud of her Arab roots. She even chose to play "Link" during the early stages of the competition in April.

Ghazzini began her fashion career at age 15, graduating from the University of San Jose-Reculetos to specialize in tourism, and Miss Philippines 2019 is not the first aesthetic title to win, but the first title that will take her to the world, because she may represent her country in a Queen of the Universe competition after the victory of her compatriot Katryona Gray's title, according to the thenational website, and the mission of the elected humanitarian queen is to promote women's rights and caring for the elderly in the Philippines.

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