Saturday , October 23 2021

Megan Markle did not allow her mother to carry her child for a minute. And the details?


Observers of the British royal family were surprised that Duchess's mother, Megan Markle, left Great Britain and returned to the United States a few days after the birth of her grandson.

New Idea magazine quoted a source close to the family as saying that Megan did not allow her mother to take care of her son.

"Megan did not allow her mother to carry her son for a minute," he said, "she bathed quickly and ran to get him off her."

The Royal Gala website quoted Victoria Howard, a real-life journalist, as saying that Prince Harry and his wife could employ an "unconventional" nanny chosen by Hollywood friends.

The Duchess of Sussex is no longer a public appearance after six weeks of maternity leave. She has participated in Trooping the Color and has only two weeks to choose who will take care of her child during her absence.

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