Mai Hariri silenced Haifa Wehbe and her illness


Lebanese actress Haifa Wehbe left the hospital after suffering a medical malaise and after undergoing medical examinations, doctors discovered she was infected with the liver virus.

Before returning home, she took a picture of the hospital room and said that she had killed you.

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After her photo, Mai Hariri silenced Live Media in "Media," and she did not remember Haifa and her illness, and she thought she represented her audience to promote her shows.

She said: (In your case Bimotwa became, the artists became Bmotoa their condition and after some see they say I killed you, and the time of cancer and liver salvation remained)

She added: (answer the truth stories show their situation in them, I did not tell them that I'm talking about the whole country is devastating big stars What I answer an uncle the world has brought to stop the whole situation, but we have Tejwa , as well as Ttakloa about the people)


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