Lebanese victims of "biological warfare" .. inject cows with hormones and after!


"Lebanese are victims of biological warfare!" Dulish's death was written in the Al-Akhbar newspaper: "Woe to a nation that eats what is sown." This is the main conclusion of the second conference of the National Center for Quality Medicine, Food and Water, on the campus of Al-Jadth University yesterday. "The situation is worrying and is increasing to be the national security issue," said the director of the Nazih National Center Bo Shahin. "The killing and poisoning of the Lebanese in their food, the water they drink and the air they breathe is very similar to a biological and chemical warfare against them," which is reflected in a steady increase in the number of people suffering from cancer and other deadly diseases.

The conference entitled "Pollution – Quality of Health, Reality and Satisfaction" was confirmed in scientific data indicating the multiplication of chemical and microbial pollutants in food, water and medicines, and a complete change in air composition rates without effective and effective policies in terms of risk.

Lebanese standards director Lana Dergham has confirmed the existence of standards and specifications for fertilizers, pesticides and hormones given to animals and plants in Lebanon, but "there is no control over the application of these standards." The head of the toxicology laboratory at the University of St. Joseph Hayat Azouri said that the rate of hormone injection in cows, for example, "is not studied which leads to cancer and affects the hormones of masculinity and femininity in both sexes" . She pointed out that many chemicals in medicine, cosmetics and food on the Lebanese market "have been banned in France since 2011 due to the severity of health."

Specialist in bacterial diseases Rola Atwi highlighted the risks of anti-inflammatory given to plants, which increases the risk of bacterial resistance in humans and affects mainly the embryos and infants. "Most anti-inflammatories are no longer effective, forcing the patient to take stronger, more toxic drugs, causing damage to the kidneys and liver."

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