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Lebanese economic official stresses importance of accelerating government training to deal with crises


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Cairo – By Mohamed Salah – Tuesday 6 November 2018 11:09 pm – The President of the Economic and Social Council in Lebanon, Charles Arbeed, the importance of accelerating the formation of the new government, to accelerate crisis processing and dealing with urgent files, noting that the Council continues with All political forces and parliamentary blocs to inform them of the studies and ideas prepared by the country's economic advance.

In a statement from inside the Ain al-Tinah Palace after his meeting with the President of the Lebanese Parliament Nabih Berri, Arbid said that he discussed with the President of the Parliamentary Council the work of parliamentary committees and the need for cooperation between them and the Economic and Social Council so that the Council can contribute its opinion. Technology related to economic aspects.

He said that the difficult economic reality experienced by the country requires the acceleration of the start of all the projects presented, this whole difficult step is overcome..

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