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Learn more about the scenes of the meeting of the Gulf brothers and Egypt to incite the Arab countries

Learn more about the scenes of the meeting of the Gulf brothers and Egypt to incite the Arab countries
The Fellowship organized a seminar entitled "The Russian Attack on Liberated Areas in Syria" under the auspices of the Arab Nation for Turkish-Arab Cooperation of the Umma Party of Kuwait, led by the fugitive brother Al-Mutairi and Hassan Al-Dokki. UAE Chief Umma Party and ranked on the terrorism list.

The seminar was attended by several Egyptian fugitive leaders in Turkey, including Ahmed Abdel Jawad, who spoke about the period of the Egyptian Brotherhood's rule and emphasized that the dismissal of Mohamed Morsi undermined the group's dream of establishing an alliance between the group and the Justice and Development Party.

He stressed that the group's goals is to complete the Arab revolution with all its components and unity among them in the crystallization of the group's project and in the clarity of vision and unity of leadership.

He added that Egypt has its historic role in leading the Arab region, and that Morsi's isolation has lost that role, in which the Egyptian Brotherhood and the Turkish Justice Party were expected to become their wings to take a broader view of the alliance between Morsi and the Turkish Justice Party. To complete the march on the return of this alliance.

Attiyah Adlan, head of the Egyptian Reform Party and fugitive from Turkey, a member of the Brotherhood, also made a speech in which he emphasized the need to complete what he called the Arab revolution to empower the group and crystallize their project, which he also described as a legitimate duty.

The conference was attended by several Muslim Brotherhood leaders in the Arab Gulf countries, Turkey and Egypt, including: Al-Mutairi, head of the Umma party in Kuwait, and Hassan al-Dokki, head of the Umma Party, based in the United Arab Emirates United. And several leaders and group members who fled in Turkey.

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