Instagram offers 3 new shopping features. Here's how to use them


Instagram has launched three new shopping features on Thursday that will help retailers gain more opportunities to promote their products across the platform and help users make a faster purchase decision. Users can now find products in their profiles or videos They can save what they care about products within the so-called shopping group shopping collection For reference as needed.

Here are the three new shopping features and how to use them:

The first feature is called the shopping collection:

From now on, Instagram users will have the option of a shopping group shopping collection They can use it to save products of interest, after clicking a product tag in the story or sharing a feed.

The user can click the save icon in the lower right corner of the image, which will display a Save option in the shopping collection.

Users can access the purchasing groups of their profiles to search for items saved later.

The second feature is the video shopping feature Video Store:

Topics related to what you read now:

The Instagram platform also incorporates the shopping icon in the lower right corner of branded videos that highlight the products displayed in the video, making it easy to view product prices with ease.

The third feature is the new "Buy" tab for business accounts. New Shop for Commercial Profiles tab:

Instagram's corporate accounts will now include a guide titled Store, which will allow users to search for products in their business account.

The guide includes a summary of the products that you can click to view information about the product and the publication in which the product appeared.

What is the importance of these new features and brands of users?

Just four days before we enter the busiest shopping week of the holiday season, which starts on Friday, Black Friday, the largest and most popular shopping event in the world, Instagram offers retailers more ways to showcase their products to users. More effort.

These three new features are introduced as user features, but will ultimately benefit the brands by expanding the range of products they share on the platform.


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