Saturday , October 23 2021

Important clarification of the Egyptian observations on the climate Wednesday (video)


The Egyptian Meteorological Agency issued an important clarification on tomorrow's weather, Wednesday.

Dr. Mahmoud Shahin, director of the Center for Analysis and Forecasting of Time, said that today, Tuesday, is the peak of the rise in heat wave, where the temperature is 37 degrees.

Dr. Shahin pointed out that as of tomorrow, Wednesday, there will be a gradual decrease in temperature, that is, 35, and then 34 degrees and so on.

Dr Mahmoud Shahin, director of the Center for Air Analysis and Forecasting, during a telephone conversation with the "Sabah Al Masri" program on the "mbc Egypt 2" satellite on Tuesday:

There is an increase in humidity, which increases our sensation of high temperature where the humidity has reached 75%.

Dr. Shaheen warned about the dense watercolor early in the morning explaining that they disappear as soon as the sun comes up and then the vision gradually clear.

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