How did the stars congratulate Ahlam after presenting their new song "I Swear"?


The singer from the Emirates presented Ahlam with a new song titled "Ahlaf" through her official YouTube channel. The lyrics are composed by the lyricist Arch and composed by Basel and distributed by Hesham Al-Sukran. The album should be released in the next period.

He congratulated several stars; DreamsWith his new song, including the singer Authenticity That she wrote to her through her Twitter account: "A wonderful song full of brilliant thoughts and beautiful melody, and the good and dearest dreams of your singing were created and cut."

Stars congratulate dreams on their new song

Reply Dreams She said, "This is you, as usual, love and love with me personally and with everyone in general, in any case we see you support everyone, beautiful and genuine love as your name."

He also congratulated the artist Abdul Majid Abdullah, The artist Ahlam via Twitter and confirmed that he is waiting for other works, where he said: "Congratulations on the work, Umm Fahad, and listeners listen more, always successful," received Dreams He said: "Dear Abu Abdullah Mstaqin you more and it is not strange for you appreciation God do not disturb me and I wish you."

Link between Ahlam and Nawal Kuwait

The artist Nawal Al Kuwaiti She commented on the music and expressed her great admiration for her, and said to her: "Today, Umm Fahid sent me the song and from the first thing I heard a wonderful work with its beautiful voice and integrated words, melody and singing. to all" Dreams She said: "After my sister's age I was anxious that you were the first to hear the work, my Lord does not deprive me of Meng and does not differentiate us, O Lord … I love you .. Thank you, O Mother of the Taste The Umm Haneen. "

The lyrics of the song "Ahlf" say: "I'm not what I want … I swear, if you can … I challenge you to swear that I love you … I'm yearning for you .. I am I've come back to help me and Taatkhter You know that you know one of the teeth .. The true love for you alone and you, my love, counts .. But the Void that I live my fear does not forget you.


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