Helmy announces the list of the first troops of the army to face El Gouna


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Helmy announces the list of the first army to find El Gouna from Dawn's website on Monday, November 5, 2018.

Mohammed Helmy, the coach of the first team of the Talaie Army football club, announced his team to face El Gouna on Tuesday as part of the 13th round of the Premier League competition.

The list of army veterans included:

Mohamed Bassam, Mohamed Shaaban, Khaled Sattouhi, Ali El Fil, Islam Gamal, Assem Salah, Ahmad Samir, Islam Serri, Mohamed Rizk, Mohamad Ibrahim, Ahmed Kapoora, Mustafa Mohamed, Hassan Youssef, Amory, Fathi Osman, Karim Tariq, Tala and Ibrahim Salah.

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