He is considered the leader of the northern lawyers with 965 votes and al-Duwaihi is a member of 460 | Security and Judiciary


Tripoli – Hossam El Hassan:

President-designate Saad al-Hariri praised the winner of the post of head of the Northern Bar Association, lawyer Mohammed Al-Murad, saying: "Congratulations to the lawyer Mohammed Al-Murad, who has won the position of Captain of the Northern Lawyer , wishing him success in strengthening the role of the union and human rights throughout Lebanon.

The Future Movement candidate Mohammed al-Murad won the Tripoli and Northern Bar Association after counting the votes after yesterday's election and continued until 3 pm. And Captain Mohammed al-Murad won 965 votes against 123 votes for lawyer Samar al-Halabi.

While Youssef Duaihy won 460 votes to win union membership in exchange for the fall of Nabil 275 votes, and Simon Iskandar 172 votes and Faiva Ziva 212 votes.

Elections took place in the morning of Tripoli with the number of lawyers registered 1,304, who participated in the election of a new captain to succeed the current president, Abdullah al-Shami.

As for the captain's center, the Future Movement candidate ran for attorney Muhammed al-Murad and supported all political currents after the Future Movement managed to resolve them in and out of Tripoli, which made the conclusive result in favor of the candidate in face of independent candidate Samar al-Halabi, who chose not to withdraw his candidacy All politicians

As for the status of the members, Yousif Douaihi, supported by the Lebanese Forces, the Free Patriotic Movement, the Independence Movement, Future Movement, Attorney Nabil Qatra, supported by MP Faisal Karami, Marida and independent lawyers Fahd Ziva and Siman Iskandar.


On this point, the deputy of the Parliamentary Parliament "Future" Mohammed Suleiman congratulated the captain of the letter. I told him: "We are all confident that it will be better than working for the benefit of the union and the lawyers of the union members." He also blessed union member Youssef Al-Dhaibi, "hoping for a bright future in the work of trade unions and rights to achieve justice in our beloved country, Lebanon."

In turn, MP Hadi Hobeish addressed a letter of congratulations to the attorney for the new lawyer, Murad. He said: "I turn to brother and friend, Captain Mohammed Al-Murad, to congratulate him on his victory at the Al-Naqib Center with the Yousef Dehebi union. We have full confidence in the president-elect's professionalism and debate. Union for Further Achievements of the Lawyers and Justice Association in Lebanon '.

For his part, he congratulated the President of the Federation of Municipalities of the fleet Omar Hayek, the lawyer to be elected captain, expressing in a letter of congratulations from Australia, "great pride to obtain the confidence of more than nine hundred votes of Northern lawyers" .

The president of Akkar's Mukhtar union, Mokhtar Benben Zahir Al Kassar, on behalf of the Union, also expressed his hope for his new position, "which, I believe, will adorn him with his good morals and firm principles.

The sports department of the Future Movement in Akkar asked "congratulations filled with joy, hope and hope for our people in the Northern Province in general and for the Bar Association in the North and the future of the Future Movement in particular."

She said the candidate's victory in this election "is a clear indicator of the trust and great support that her union colleagues have offered her and, with the blessing and support of President Saad Hariri, may God bless him and give him the best service.


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