Saturday , October 23 2021

Haifa business manager explains: your health conditions are difficult!


The Lebanese media reported that "the Haifa family is keeping silent about the nature of the health conditions they have suffered, only saying that they are in continuous improvement."

The sources said one of the artist's close friends is writing for doctors from outside Lebanon, and is expected to transfer them to one of the European capitals if they agree.

Waziri said in a Twitter tweet that Haifa is going through difficult health conditions but that her condition is improving every day. "The condition of Haifa is difficult and every day is improving," Waziri wrote.

Haifa director Mohamed Waziri has decided to discuss the truth about his liver disease after news and speculation about his health.

Waziri confirmed via Twitter that Haifa is experiencing health problems but that her condition is improving every day.

Waziri added, "The enlightenment is simple, the case of Haifa Wehbe Mfihash a lot of words, yes Btmar difficult situation is my best bucket," and added: "Haifa health conditions difficult and every day in an improvement."

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