Sunday , October 24 2021

Golden State regained confidence and narrowed the gap Newspaper Al-Bina


The Toronto Raptors missed their first chance to win the NBA title for the first time in their history, allowing current Golden State Warriors to drop to 2-3 overall with a 106-105 lead in the fifth game. It was blown up Tuesday at the Scotia Bank Arena in Toronto, Canada.

The sixth game between the two teams will be held at the Oracle Arena in Oakland, Calif., At dawn this Friday at 16h Beirut time.

In the case of a 3 to 3 draw in all matches, the two teams will return to Toronto for the seventh and decisive match at dawn on Monday at 16h Beirut time.

Toronto fans were very disappointed, as they were fully prepared to celebrate the unprecedented historic title of the history of their 24-year-old club, with posters and t-shirts scattered across the city's balconies of buildings, cafes and restaurants. The beginning of the game.

Toronto was just around the corner at dawn yesterday when they had the last chance in the game but their players failed to take advantage of the crucial attack in the closing seconds which ended with a pointer of three by Kyle Laurie hit the basket and did not enter in the heart of Canadian fans.

Kaohi Leonard was just minutes from the end of the game to return to the game after scoring 10 points, which allowed him to advance 6 points by 103 to 97.

However, Clay Thompson and Stephen Corrie reintroduced Golden State scoring 3 straight for Thomson and 1 for Kory, with a three-point lead at 106-103.

29 seconds before the end, Kyle Laurie narrowed the gap to one point, which returned and made an "offensive error" in Fred Vanfleet, allowing the ball to move to the Toronto team in the last 13 seconds without being able to change the punctuation.

The match counted on the return of the giant star Kevin Durant to Golden State, but his injury was renewed at the beginning of the second quarter, when he tried to get rid of the control of Serge Ibaka, he twisted his foot to sit on the ground before leaving the field with the help of a person. And two rebounds.

Kevin Currie, Clay Thompson, Demarcos Cozines and Raymond Green were the best in the Golden State with 31 points, 26 points, 14 points and 10 points. In Toronto, Kaohi Leonard scored 26 points, Kyle Laurie scored 18 points, Mark Gasol scored 17 points, Serge Ibaka scored 15 points and Pascal Siacam scored 12.

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