Gambino sells the facts … then smokes cannabis


Hip-hop singer Childch Gambino (the nickname of actor and singer Donald Grifford, who is growing strongly in American hip-hop this year), was not at the Cochilla Festival, like other shows at the largest production and exhibition festival in the United States . The singer did not count on hundreds of dancers as he did last year, and he did not use the capabilities of dazzling technological effects and techniques, but decided to take a different style of offers does not put him in competition with others, and he can devote his money to the prevailing, which is a technical identity The artist is based on his works and his songs.

The owner of This is America started the party asking everyone to turn off their cell phones because they were in "Father's Church" and had to obey the laws of the place. The reason for the prevention of photography was not only to be disturbed by the phenomenon that changed the methods of visualization in recent years, turning the public into a group of bright and disturbing points, but also to force those who see and prevent them from dispersing and get involved in their cameras. Visual documentation of what is happening, and chasing the singer wherever he was on the podium and displayed on huge screens behind him the most accurate details and expressions in an amplified.

The phenomenon of excessive filming at shows is not limited to "Cochila," but it applies to all important performances, but it is gaining additional significance in a festival that some people call ironic as the "Sylvester Festival" because it is the most expensive of the U.S. And it is frequented only by a certain group, whose members or aspirants to reach them, confirm their presence in the place and inform their followers. Photography can also be seen as an additional consumption of the party, in which the camera becomes a new sense in which the audience receives what is happening in front of it, and adds to the other senses that it sees and hears through it.
Gambino, who won four Emmy awards this year for a song, to justify his request to turn off the handsets, said his performance is not a concert but a technical experience to be felt. "If you want to listen to music, you can do it in your own home." However, the decline in the importance of live singing in this type of concerts has become a recognized fact, from the popularity of the music video and the preference of the visual scene of the dance and visual and optical performances, who devoted indifference to the public with the voice that was replaced by Playback, but of course he knows full well what shocking facts sell and fit the image he builds on himself.
The place, according to a cynical commentary, became more like a movie: darker after turning off the phones and attracting the attention of those to the huge screens. Although the difference of the cinema here is to take the event directly to the public, but the screens give another meaning to what happens, with the change of photography angles and visual effects and direct editing. So it was not analogous to what happens, in the movies, far from the real. The show focused on the singer's character in This Is America, which shocked the audience when it debuted. The music is normal, with many critics acknowledging it, and what pay and fame have given them were video dances and accompaniment (some movements have turned into a trend still valid today), and shocking and contradictory scenes of murder in mass in America. So Gambino seemed to extend what happened in the music video to the concert where he gave the audience rebel doses that came to avenge black drug dealers, presenting a model between the cruelty known for behavior, and the softness that appears in the performance of the singer , a player in this contradiction In order to criticize the virility of the rap world (which he concluded by confessing to be impotent in a single life!).

One of Gambino's other acts in the theater, to break the usual image of these performances, is to shoot a cannabis during a five-minute break with one of the audiences (also a protest movement against the festival owner who is working to repeal the legislation on cannabis) And a large mirror in front of the audience at the beginning of the concert to confirm the fact that what they see on stage is "themselves", and what he says in his songs exists in each of them.


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