Football and "Mini Soccer" in professional games


The preliminaries continued to qualify for the sports finals of institutes and vocational and technical schools in the provinces. Football and mini-football were held in close collaboration with the Organizing Committee and a large student audience. The results are as follows:

– soccer:

– Governorate of the South: Born in 2000-2001: the Wafa Technical Institute in Sarafand won the School of Art 31 and the Jafari professional in Tire at the Institute of Sidon Art 60.

Beirut and the provinces of Mount Lebanon: 1998-1999: School of Sports Academy won the International Sports Institute 70 and the Masar Institute at the Damour Technical School 71. 2000: The Dar Sadek Institute for Education won the Sports Academy 60, the Institute of Horizons of the School of Industrial and Tourist Arts in the land of Jalul 72, the Institute of Horizons Ali Ali Akbar 30 and the Institute of Dar Al-Sadeq of Education in the Institute of Mufti Dr. Muhammad Ali Al-Jouzou in Brega 20

– Mini soccer:

– Provinces of Beirut and Mount Lebanon: Born in 2000-2001: Dar Sadek Institute of Education won the School of Industrial and Tourist Arts of Jalloul 21,

– Akkar Governorate: Born in 2000-2001: Shadra Technical School won the Barqayel Art Institute 20, Shadra Technical School at the Technical Institute of Qubayat 62, and the Dusah Technical Institute at the Technical Institute of Bazal 10.

– Bekaa Valley and Baalbek Hermel: Born in 2000-2001: Baalbek Institute won the Institute of Deir al-Ahmar 32, and the Institute of horizons in Beit Shama on the technical fair 41, and the Institute of artistic art Badnail in Baalbek Art 54 , and expectations in Beit Shama at the Nabi Shit 50 Institute, Beit Shama at Bednayel Art 41, and Bekaa Technical and Technical Institute of President Rafic Hariri.

– Nabatieh Governorate: Born in 2000-2001: Rani Bazzi School won the Qantara School 20, Bint Jbeil at the Mays Al-Jabal Professional School 20, and CES at Bint Jbeil 20, and the Institute of Tibnin Art 10.

– Northern Governorate: 2000/2001: Tripoli Al Kubba School won the Rasnahash Institute 31, Al Zahra School at Nader 10 Technical School, CIS Institute at American Universal College 40, Sheikh Khalil Hussein Institute at Hotel School 41, Mar Antonius Ali Zgharta 31, the Institute of Competencies on the Institute of Empowerment 41, the Tripoli school dome in the Institute of Abi Samara 10, and skills on the Institute of Fayhaa 41, Institute of St. Anthony in the Institute Sheikh Khalil Hussein 51.

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