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Factor increases risk of premature death by 50 percent

Study: Factor increases risk of premature death by 50%

A team of researchers from the University of Uppsala, Sweden, under the supervision of Professor Lars Lind and Monica Linde, conducted a scientific study of a random sample of 992 people between 2001 and 2018. Participants were ages 70-80.

The goal of the scientific study is to obtain new information on the impact and causes of hypertension, diabetes and the effects of smoking, as well as BMI and cardiovascular disease, citing the German-language news site "Sputnik News".

After analyzing the data collected, the team of study researchers, published recently in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), concluded that a high percentage of PCBs in human blood was related to high mortality. This is especially true for deaths caused by heart disease and vascular disease, adds the Sputnik News website.

Results from previous studies have shown that the high proportion of this compound causes pregnant women to have congenital defects, as well as many cancers, as well as destroy liver cells and also affect nerves.

Because of the negative impact of PCBs on human health, it was banned globally by the 2001 Stockholm Convention.

However, despite precautions taken to prevent PCBs from reaching the human body, the compound enters the body's cells by eating the fish or meat that is available as a result of pollution or due to particular electronic waste.

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