Elissa beats IDF spokeswoman with "Block"


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Gulf 365 / Baghdad
A Twitter debate between Lebanese singer Elissa and Israeli army spokeswoman Avichai Adre & i, after Elissa published a gospel to defend the Palestinians.

"What land and land are slowly being lost as spectators," said the Lebanese singer in her Twitter voice, "what law and any legislation turns this land from a land of peace into a land of war?"

This apparently angered the Israeli army spokesman, prompting him to respond to Elissa's tweet. "Yes, Hamas is responsible for all this painful situation," Avichai said, "the image of the house in the Israeli city that was attacked by Hamas is a testament to the aggressiveness and ugliness of this movement that is driving the population of the Gaza Strip further violence."

Elissa apparently irritated Elissa, who did not argue with him and took a picture of Avichai's reply to her comment.

Elissa's behavior was highly praised by social networking sites, especially at a time when the Gaza Strip was heavily bombed by the Israeli occupying forces.


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