"Electricity" in the contest of service providers: We work according to the laws and regulations


The Lebanese Electricity Company responded to what was stated in the "An-Nahar" investigation entitled "Electric service providers working without a consultant". She pointed out that the content of the article falls within the scope of competition between commercial companies and does not care about it. In particular, your financial system in all your calls, including soliciting proposals to oversee the implementation of the work of service providers. It considered that "the third extension of the solicitation of offers mentioned at the request of the Indian company Tata after informed that extension books were not notified, which completely denies the intention to exclude.

– The exhibitor "Saruji" presented during the extension period a new file, which will be studied for the appropriate decision in accordance with the provisions of the laws and regulations in force, and was allied with a foreign company, as shown in its offer.

– Tata submitted its objection letter to KC Engineering's participation in the request because it violated one of the clauses of the conditions book as a supplier for service providers. KC Engineering responded in its 10/10/2018 book, confirming its commitment to the absence of any commercial agreement, contract or relationship with any of the service providers. Thus, books were sent to all service providers to ensure there was no relationship between them and any of the exhibitors pursuant to Article 3.4 of the Conditions Book. Two companies confirmed that there was no contractual relationship with any of the exhibitors, including KC Engineering . The company has yet to receive any clear response from the third company on this matter although the matter is still under follow-up and study from the legal department of the institution and its legal advisor to make the appropriate decision in that regard.

– Given the importance of having a supervisory firm in the works of service providers, especially in the project of installing smart meters, which is new to EDL and does not have the human capacity to supervise it, the organization has already held a bidding for supervision , 23/2014 of 15/5/2014 for the supervision of a European company but did not obtain the approval of one of the auditors concerned.

– The Electricity Corporation is currently in the process of verifying that foreign companies are in compliance with Israeli boycott law.

– The role of MVV Decon is a consultant to assist the Electricity Corporation in managing project providers and has nothing to do with oversight of implementation.

– Contracts of distribution service providers are not consensual but result from the solicitation of bids in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

"If the article is intended to put pressure on a company's electricity company during the study period of proposals for supervision, the institution has not been subjected to any kind of pressure, and will continue to act in accordance with the laws and regulations in force . "

Abi Khalil: Zahle electricity will remain 24/24 and citizens will pay a lower rate

The Minister of Energy and Water, Cesar Abu Khalil, confirmed the passage of Zahle electricity from the moment of concessions and sectors that began in the Ottomans in 1910 and was renovated by the High Commission in 1923 until the time of the state and its modern legislations and its partnership with the successful and productive private sector for better service and lower cost for Lebanese and expatriates. For 24 months. "Abi Khalil's words came during a press conference held in the ministry in the presence of Deputies Salim Aoun, Hikmet Deeb, Michel Daher, and President of the Lebanese Electricity Board Kamal Hayek explaining the Zahle Electricity Bill , saying that "what happened Monday is a" The electricity will remain 24/24 and the service will also be of the same quality, management and staff in Zahle, but the cost to citizens and Lebanon's electricity will change. " He pointed out that "the state has started to claim the concession of Zahle Electricity Company since 2016, because of the end of the concession period," noting that "the government pays sulfate to the Ministry of Energy to cover the deficit in the Lebanese Electricity Company. "

He said there is a law that allows the private sector to be involved in the process of producing electricity, according to the waste management law, which provides more stability in this sector, "ensuring that" Zahle electricity will remain 24 in 24, but the bill for citizens will decrease and citizens will pay a lower rate, "It is only a problem of the Ministry of Energy with the Zahle Electricity Company, open to all solutions, and we are only enforcing the laws."

Director General of Electricity Zahle Asaad Nakd said after meeting with Abi Khalil in the ministry, "Today we are studying the new law and trying to open a new page", emphasizing that "what matters is the interest of the people and the Minister and Electricity Zahle have an interest in maintaining services as they are. " We are going to work on the tariff issue. "He stressed that" what matters to us is that the citizen is comfortable because authority is for me the citizen, and we will start working on the new law and as soon as we finish, "adding that" we are not a loser or a winner. "They will stay for us and 24/24 electricity."


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