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Much research links the use of smart phones to mental health problems, but a new study found it even worse.

According to the British newspaper "Independent", the use of smart phones can harm children, especially users under two years of age.

The study, published in the Journal of Preventive Medicine reports: Using the telephone for just one hour can result in impairment of the child and adolescent to the risk of anxiety and depression, and reduce the ability to exercise restraint and emotional stability.

Researchers have found that teens ages 14 to 17 are more likely to have these negative effects, noting that negatives are worse when a child's brain is growing and developing, Sky News reported.

"Daycare kids are using smartphones a lot, which may weaken their ability to control their calm and nerves in the future."

Children ages 11 to 13, who spend an hour a day on telephone screens, miss the opportunity to "learn new things" or, in particular, lose "curiosity about learning," according to the study.

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