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Different Symptoms and Multiple Causes

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> Symptoms of hearing loss may vary depending on the type of hearing loss, the cause of the hearing loss, and the degree of hearing loss. In general, people who already have hearing impairment may experience one or all of the following:
Difficult to understand daily conversations with family members or with colleagues in the workplace.
* The feeling of being able to hear, but not understanding what you hear from words and conversations.
* Time raise the sound of the TV or radio.
Ask others to repeat what they say as they speak.
* Avoid social attitudes that have been fun for the person before because of the inability to communicate in the chat.
* Increase communication difficulty in noisy situations such as restaurants, family gatherings, while driving or at business meetings and lectures.
* Hearing, ringing, or ringing in the ear.
Despite all the above, the good thing is that hearing impairment can be learned by reason and can be treated. It is important to understand the cause of hearing loss in humans because this greatly influences the identification of the appropriate form of treatment.
There are many causes of hearing impairment, and some of the causes are responsible only for certain types without other hearing impairments. For example, the accumulation of wax in the outer ear canal causes temporary hearing loss, while prolonged exposure to loud sounds causes excessive hearing loss.
When analyzing medical sources, hearing impairment may result from any of the following:
Aging, or what is clinically known as "Presbycusis."
* The body is exposed to various medications, sometimes called ototoxic medications.
Exposure to trauma or head trauma.
Genetic factors.
* Prolonged exposure to excessive noise.
* Exposure to loud and loud sound shock.
* A follow-up symptom in certain diseases, such as mumps, Ménière's disease, otosclerosis or autoimmune disease.
* An external tumor that presses the auditory nerve, or tumors in the same auditory nerve (Acoustic Neuroma).



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