Dhahi Khalfan: Qatari militias steal oil from Libya and call for coup against Arab governments


Dhahi Khalfan Tamim, a former chief of police in Dubai, said Qatar called for a coup against governments and was quick to heed its appeal to the Muslim Brotherhood.

"If you see a demonstration against an Arab government, you look good, you will see the Qatari Brotherhood, Qatar chased away from the squad and sparked the war between the Arabs," Khalfan said.


"If Qatar does not say publicly (repentance), its plans should not be disrupted," Khalfan said. "The plan is drawn up by Azmi Bishara and implemented by Tamim by order of Hamdeen." He added: "The Muslim Brotherhood not only defeated them in Arab countries, Arab countries (they are important)."


Khalfan revealed that "Hamad bin Jassim was recruited by enemy intelligence to the Arab nation and was assigned to play a destructive role, but the failure of the role will not succeed." He added, "Look at the current demonstrations wherever the Qatari brotherhood worsens the situation. MK Azmi Bishara is dangerous. For Israel, O God, going from the Arab homeland is the most treacherous."


"Libyan oil is stolen from Qatar-backed militias and sold to land prices to Qatari's well-known clients." What is happening in the Arab world is a geological war. Some want to control Arab energy sources, the first of which is Israel via Qatar, "Khalfan said.

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