Darwish: The Lebanese community in Australia has an impact on the economy


Member of Parliament Ali Darwish congratulated the Lebanese Ambassador to Australia, Milad Raad, upon receiving his post, and conveyed to him the greetings of President Nahib Miqati and the Chairman of the Lebanese-Australian Friendship Committee, MP Istfan Al-Duweihi.

Darwish and Australia raised issues of concern to the Lebanese community in Australia and its multilevel role, as well as triggering communication between them and their homeland.

"There is no doubt that the Lebanese community in Australia is considered one of the most important Lebanese communities overseas, given its size and its great influence on the economic level," said Darwish.
He also spoke about the role of the Lebanese-Australian Friendship Committee and the possibility of activating its role, which will positively affect Lebanon, both expatriate and resident.

During his Australian tour, Darwish will meet with various economic events, expatriates and academics.


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