Sunday , February 23 2020
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Dancing increases brain health and reflects signs of aging!

As we get older, our mental and physical fitness may decrease, increasing the risk of many diseases, including Alzheimer's disease. A new study, published in the journal Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, has shown that older people who exercise routinely, especially dance, may routinely reflect signs of aging in the brain.

"Exercise is very beneficial for brain and nerve health because it decreases mental and physical abilities and degrades them," said Dr. Catherine Raefeld of the German Center for Neurological Degeneration. "In this study, we showed that there are two different types of physical exercise (dance and endurance). In comparison, we found that dance led to visible behavioral changes in terms of improving mental balance."

Researchers are currently evaluating a new system called "Jymmin", a sensor system that produces sounds (melodies, rhythms) based on physical activity, and we know that patients with dementia react strongly to listening to music.

"I think everyone wants to lead an independent and healthy life for as long as possible. Physical activity is a factor that can contribute to this as it reduces risk and decreases age-related decline. Learning is different, especially in old age. "

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