Closing of the conference "Development Perspectives in the Arab World" held in Egypt


Closing of the conference "Development Perspectives in the Arab World" held in Egypt

The conference was organized by Zarqa University and the University of Assiut, where the University was represented by Zarqa's Chairman of the Board for Education and Investment Dr. Mahmoud Abu Shaireh, Dean of the Faculty of Law, Dr. Omar Al-Makhzoumi, and Dr. Mohammed Al-Zawahra of the Faculty of Law.

The conference concluded with a series of recommendations and was as follows:

Encourage investment to ensure the preservation of natural resources in the Arab world.

The need to conclude a unified agreement under the aegis of the League of Arab States for the transfer of technology from the West.

– Establishment of specialized economic tribunals to expedite the adjudication of disputes.

Encourage sustainable development programs.

– Establishment of the Arab Agency for Artificial Intelligence.

Encourage young researchers and students of intellectual property.

The need to encourage and support the private sector as a key partner in the implementation of development projects in Arab countries.

– Recommend the design of financial inclusion programs in the Arab countries and Egypt, in accordance with the vision and development of Egypt in the Arab world.

Encourage Arab society to participate in sustainable development programs, raising awareness among individuals and institutions of the importance of development.

The conference was held at the Assiut University in the Arab Republic of Egypt, with the participation of a large number of experts from different countries, with the participation of 85 researchers from Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates and Yemen.


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