Chelsea star on the verge of moving to Manchester United


Manchester United have become a possible destination for Chelsea star Gary Cahill during the next transfer window.

According to The Mirror newspaper, Gary Cahill, a blues player, has received a green light from Chelsea's board of directors to lend on loan during the next Mercato winter.

Cahill has left the account of Italian coach Mauricio Sari, and the 32-year-old is due to expire next summer.

Gary Cahill, 21 minutes with Chelsea in the English Premiership this season, where Sari prefers to rely on Antonio Rodiger and David Louise.

Manchester United are considered a potential destination for Kehill, especially as the latter won with Red Devils coach Jose Mourinho as the Premier League shirt in 2014-2015.

Gary Cahill is interested in some English clubs, including Southampton, West Ham and Aston Villa.


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