Carlos Ghosn's arrest in Japan has been extended to this day


A court in Tokyo on Friday extended the detention of former Nissan Group president Carlos Ghosn until April 14 after his arrest on suspicion of financial irregularities.

The Tokyo District Court said in a statement it agreed with the complainants' request to extend Carlos Ghosn's arrest until April 14.

Japanese prosecutors have arrested Nissan chief executive Carlos Ghosn for the fifth time on Thursday for allegedly trying to make $ 5 million at Nissan's expense, which the media attributed to payments made by Nissan to an Oman company.

Ghosn's arrest marks the most dramatic change in the humiliating fall of the former chief executive of Nissan, which has long been highly appreciated. The Japanese Broadcasting Corporation described re-imprisonment as an unusual step for a person released on bail.

Prosecutors in Tokyo said that Ghosn caused a loss of five million dollars in two and a half years to 2018 in order to win in violation of his legal duties for Nissan.

For its part, Kyodo News reported that the losses were the transfer of funds through a company in Oman to the company owned by Ghosn. The agency did not cite any sources.


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