Buffon violates laws and cigarettes make mistakes



Buffon violates laws and cigarettes make mistakes



Gianluigi Buffon, former Juventus goalkeeper and Paris St. Germain, has raised controversy after putting himself in a difficult position after posting a picture of him on his Twitter account.

"Traveling has only one rule: it will not go back like I did, but a different count," Buffon said as he drove.

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    Buffon is leaving St. Germain

According to the site of Football Italy, the image published by Buffon revealed that it violated several laws, notably the lack of wearing the seat belt and driving the car at 155 km / h, while the maximum speed of the highway is 130 km / h.

Buffon appeared in the photo driving the car with one hand, and put a headset in his ear as he drove, and a cigarette case appeared beside him.

Buffon left Paris St Germain after a season in which he played 25 matches in various tournaments and crowned the Paris club with the league titles and Super French.

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