Browser Vulnerability Google Chrome uses a fake address bar to trick users


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Google Chrome for android

Fatima Ait Taleb – Dubai – Phishing attacks come in many forms, like links created to look like links from genuine sites or legitimate emails. However, according to security researcher James Fisher, he has discovered a new vulnerability in the Google Chrome browser that may allow hackers to create a very real address bar, but it is originally fake.

What this means is that by using this fake address bar, you can view the original link such as your bank, but the page in question belongs to someone else who may be trying to trick you into getting your registration data. As you can see in the picture below, the site is for James Fisher, but the address bar shows the HSBC link.


This fake address bar disappears when you scroll up, but it seems that with some modifications the hacker can do so until the actual title bar does not appear again giving the impression that the site you are visiting is completely legitimate. At the moment, Google has not commented on this exploit, and this usually only affects those who use Google Chrome on mobile devices.

According to Google's 9to5 site, a way to verify whether the website you are visiting is legitimate or not is to lock the phone and open it again to force the display of the actual address bar. Of course, this process is quite uncomfortable, but we believe this is still better than exposing your data to theft.


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