«Broken Heart» .. a real disease and not an exaggeration


When you are under intense stress after a death or divorce or even a sudden joy, and it feels as if your heart is broken, you are not exaggerating, it is actually realistic, and science has managed to prove it, not just a statement which reflects some exaggeration.
The scientists said that when a person is subjected to severe pressure after painful events, such as death, separation or depression, or even after a sudden joy, such as winning a grand prize, changes in their heart occur and they suffer pain similar to those associated with heart attack.
Women are most affected by the disease, Hart.org said. "What happens is that the person experiences sudden and severe pain in the chest because of the increase of the stress hormones, lack of breathing and disturbances of the heart beat.
These can occur even if the person has no history of heart disease and can lead to severe heart failure.
Recovering from the "broken heart" is short and takes days or weeks, and is unlikely to occur again, except in very few cases, while recovering from a heart attack takes a month or more.
Doctors may initially make a mistake in diagnosing the disease and may consider a heart attack, especially because the symptoms and test results are similar, but with some testing and attention to detail, the difference can be detected.
"Broken heart" tests show dramatic changes in heart rate as well as changes in blood, such as those of a heart attack, but unlike heart attack, there is no evidence of blocked arteries in the "broken heart."
The tests show the difference between the two diseases, the ECG test, a test that records the electrical activity in the heart, in addition to the blood test, which will show a lack of heart failure.


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