Beginning of the meeting of the Committee on Investment in the Arab States


The meeting of the Investment Committee in the Arab States chaired by Dr. Amr Haidar, representative of the General Investment Authority in Egypt, and the participation of representatives of investment organizations in the Arab countries, began today at the headquarters of the General Secretariat of the Arab League .

Thamer Al-Ani, director of the Economic Relations Department of the League of Arab States, said that the purpose of the meeting is to study the Arab countries' remarks to reach a new investment agreement among Arab countries to deal with global developments and changes in the field of investment, especially with regard to the digital economy and global developments. .

He said in a statement on the sidelines of the meeting that the purpose of these three-day talks is to take statements from various Arab countries on the investment agreement approved by the Riyadh Economic Summit in 2013 which has been ratified by only ten Arab countries , Due to the significant economic developments that have taken place in the world, especially regarding artificial intelligence, sustainable development, the digital economy and the economic concepts that have changed in the world to be included in the new investment agreement between the Arab countries.

He pointed out that intra-Arab investments are still weak compared to the size of large Arab production, where Arab countries' gross domestic product is $ 2 trillion and $ 700 billion by 2018.

He underscored the importance of establishing a new Arab investment agreement that takes into account all previous developments and absorbs global economic developments and encourages inter-Arab investments, noting that the outline of the new Arab agreement will be presented at the next Arab summit to approval. And ratified in 1981 and amended in Riyadh Economic Summit 2013.


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