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Bassil's Office: Streda Geagea Throws Lies

Minister Gebran Bassil's media office denied "all allegations and lies made as usual by Deputy Streda Geagea, unfortunately, of a large national monument like Bkirki."

He emphasized in a statement: "They say that Qozhaya Youssef Youssef is not a bodyguard, nor of his security team, and no knowledge of Minister Bassil in his name or name." He emphasized that "the Free Patriotic Movement rejects what was written against MP Geagea, which is He has never adopted this rhetoric and accepts no harm to people's private and individual lives and deplores any particular exposure to women and any abuse of their dignity. "

He pointed out that "the actions taken by some elements belonging to MP Geagea (and the Lebanese forces) of insults and insults and cut the roads and seized brothers and sabotaged public and private property and prevented the passage of people and the detention of their liberties and aggression to them is sufficient only without the intervention of anyone in the present or another to remind people.The history of these groups and their relationship with the Lebanese army and wartime citizens and without any effort subject matter ".

Asked about her comment on the flag raised by the military Qozhaya Youssef Youssef, MP Streda Geagea said: "Nabil Gebran falls like a pregnant Streda natali" during a demonstration in Baabda last Sunday. Of the many Republican Guard Brigades and his mother Laur Akl, born 19/03/1991, his registration number 2/2 Beit Hibak – Jbeil, Qozhaya Youssef is a tool for Minister Gebran Bassil and, in this holy place, is It is important to know that everyone has nothing to do with Far from the slogan he carried when addressing Minister Basil of this national building saying, "God forgives you," which is well done by Minister Basil through Qozhaya Yusuf is to create a gap between young men and women of the Lebanese Forces party, the Free Patriotic Movement and I am sure and fill with confidence that this slogan is not like men and women and the Free Patriotic Movement are not behind it. "

Geagea explained that “Minister Bassil tried to create sedition between the Lebanese Forces Party and the Lebanese Armed Forces, which is the only institution that protects stability in Lebanon with the rest of the security apparatus, of course, so on this occasion I want pay great tribute to Army Commander General Joseph Aoun for his wise view not to be drawn to Minister Gebran Bassil's plan to suppress the Lebanese people. "

Geagea continued: “As for me personally, it is true that when my husband was arrested in 1994, I decided to stand by him and his day. In the political circumstances that existed at the time, many people considered my position a crazy situation, but I grew up in a house that my mother always listened to hesitate. "I was born and will continue together," because I have heard my father always say that "the original horse does not arouse his imagination." True, it cost me personally not to be a mother or to feel the highest feeling a woman can feel, but how all our mothers sacrifice for their children are dear and cheap. Never regret it. On this occasion, I call on Lebanese women and young people to take the same position they took when they were placed in a position where they should be held responsible. "

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